What Is The Difference Between A General Dentist And A Pediatric Dentist?

by December 29, 2022

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Although Both general dentists and pediatrics treat dental health conditions, they are two different types of dentists; their way of treatment and patients are other. The general dentist used to treat adult teeth and dental health conditions solely. Meanwhile, pediatrics treats only children’s teeth(also known as baby teeth or blood teeth). Beyond that, children need a particular type of treatment with a unique specified instrument. Ultimately they need to feel comfortable during the examination or treatment. And they are trained in the same way as dentists but with more specific expertise related to childrens. Therefore, it’s essential to have children treated by a dental pediatric dentist that is trained to care for kids specifically.

Differentiation based on education, assessment, environment, etc.

Educational and Training

Emergency pediatric dentist need four years of undergraduate college education with . four years of dental school with at least two extra years focused solely on the dental pediatric office. They must study primary dentition (baby teeth), mixed dentition, child development, behavior, psychology, pharmacology, special needs patient care, and pediatric sedation. There is significant emphasis on communication techniques, as kids tend to require different languages (in simple terms). So, To know what is going on? And how to take care of their teeth with patience and a friendly demeanor. Moreover, dental office pediatrics treat patients up to 15 years of age. Still, they may also treat adults with special needs.

General dentists must have four years of undergraduate college education with four years of dental school dentistry is not required any additional training to treat patients.

Orthodontic Pre-Assessment

Pediatric dentists: In most cases, including orthodontics, pre-assessment is essential to their examination. And may be able to offer some minor orthodontic intervention.

General dentists: Dentists refer to orthodontists for treatment unless your dentist provides clear aligners.

Office Environment

Usually, pediatric dentists tend to have an inviting, fun, and playful atmosphere to help kids feel more comfortable and perish their fear. Dentists sometimes offer distractions such as video games, TVs, and books to keep kids’ minds away from fear and worry.

General dentists do not necessarily have the most kid-friendly environment. Still, they like regular dentist offices since their patients are adults.

Dental Equipment

Pediatric dentist: They need different and specific dental materials that fit in little mouths and are small enough to maneuver around baby teeth. And they have tools with pictures and kid items.

General dentist: They don’t have pediatric dental tools, which makes treatment harder to complete and possibly uncomfortable for the child.


In comparison, dentist pediatric dentists are also the same but specialize in children’s dentistry. They have two years of a particular program. And experience with all kinds of kids’ teeth issues; they are very versed in most kids’ communication and behavior management. If you still find any queries, you can visit dental care pediatrics.

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