How Aan The Overbite Be Treated?

by February 15, 2023

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Overbitieng is also known as the bucking of the teeth or the misalignment of the teeth. This generally occurs when the upper front teeth stick out or protrude beyond the lower teeth. Overbite is also a type of malocclusion. The term malocclusion describes the misaligned or crookedness of the teeth.

Overbite can use several other problems related to oral hygiene, likewise tooth decay, gum disease, or jaw pain. The primary cause of this issue is the thumb-sucking of children in their infancy.

However, over-biting is also genetic, which is being dragged to many kids from their ancestors. This also depends upon genetic traits like the improper alignment of the teeth, jaw shape, etc. Orthodontists miami fl can help you, and your child gets the authentic overbite treatment that enables you to maintain oral hygiene.

Consequences faced due to the overbite-ting teeth are :

  • Inability to chew correctly or pain while chewing.
  • Breathing and respiration challenges.
  • Bad/ Nasty smelling breath.
  • Rising of Gum diseases.
  • Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD).
  • Unclear accent due to speech problems.
  • Root and tooth are decaying.

Significant causes of overbite are:

  • Bruxism is also known as teeth grinding.
  • Extravagant Nail Biting.
  • Nonnutritive sucking behavior of the child, which explains thumb sucking.
  • Tongue-thrusting, when the tongue presses forward into the mouth.

After the treatment, you can easily distinguish between the overbite before and after differences.

Noticeable symptoms of an overbite are:

The primary symptom of an overbite can be seen through the naked eye, which is the overlapping of the front teeth over the other. But apart from this over-, biting can also create difficulty in opening the mouth and speech challenges. The miami shores orthodontist can treat these at very affordable rates.

Tips that can assist while treating the over-biting challenges:

Overbites impact children and adults differently, so they have different terapies by the orthodontist miami beach.

A child overbite challenge can be treated through.

  • Braces can be implanted to help shift the teeth into the correct alignment.
  • The dentist can also remove the milk or permanent teeth to make adequate space for adult teeth.
  • The dentist can also implant the retainers to keep the teeth in alignment after the process of braces.
  • They also use palate expanders and growth modification devices to reposition the jaw.

In the same way, here are the different ways to treat overbite in the adult:

  • Removing teeth allows the remaining teeth for more room.
  • This can also be treated with the surgery that will be done to align the jaw in the correct position.
  • Implating crystal clear braces to shift and reposition the only teeth affected by the overbite.


Suppose the overbite issue is creating significant consequences. In that case, it is suggested to visit the orthodontist in no time or as soon as possible, as it’s essential to fix an appointment with your orthodontist or oral surgeon for treatment. It is advised for children to get a checkup by age 7 to supervise an overbite. Moreover, as an adult, regular checkups every six to twelve months are appreciated. This will ensure early intervention and avoid the potentially severe physical repercussions of leaving an overbite untreated.

For fixing any sought of dental issue, you can schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in miami who can diagnose the challenges.

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