What Should Be Included in an Order of Service for a Funeral?

by Maria Smith October 3, 2023

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Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience, and planning a funeral can be overwhelming. One essential element of a funeral service is the “Order of Service” booklet, which provides a structure for the event and serves as a keepsake for attendees. In this guide, we will discuss what should be included in an Order of Service for a funeral, offering a template and valuable insights to help you create a meaningful and memorable tribute.

I. Cover and Personalization

The cover of the funeral order of service template sets the tone for the funeral and often includes a personalized touch to honor the deceased.

  1. Cover Design: The cover design can be chosen to reflect the personality and interests of the deceased. It might include a photo, a meaningful image, or religious symbols.




  1. Title: Clearly indicate that it’s an “Order of Service” for the funeral. You may also include the deceased’s name and dates of birth and passing.

  2. Acknowledgment: Consider adding a brief thank you note to attendees or a quote that captures the essence of the person being remembered.

II. Introduction and Welcome

The first pages of the Order of Service should provide an introduction and a warm welcome to the attendees.

  1. Introduction: A brief introduction that explains the purpose of the booklet and how it will guide attendees through the service.

  2. Welcome Message: A welcoming message from the family or officiant expressing gratitude for attendance and acknowledging the significance of the day.

III. Order of Events

The heart of the Order of Service is the outline of the funeral ceremony itself, guiding attendees through the proceedings.

  1. Funeral Program: A detailed schedule of the ceremony, including any hymns, readings, speeches, and rituals. This helps attendees follow along and know what to expect.

  2. Readings and Eulogies: List the individuals who will be giving readings or eulogies, along with the titles of the pieces they will be sharing. Include any quotes or passages that hold special meaning.

  3. Music Selection: Note the titles and composers of any musical pieces to be performed or played during the service, whether they are hymns, favorite songs of the deceased, or instrumental pieces.

IV. Photos and Memories

Including photos and memories of the deceased can provide a personal and touching element to the Order of Service.

  1. Photo Collage: Consider including a photo collage or a selection of pictures that highlight different stages of the person’s life. These can be accompanied by captions or brief descriptions.

  2. Memories: You may choose to include a page for attendees to jot down their memories or messages for the family, creating an interactive and heartfelt component.

V. Contact Information and Acknowledgments



Towards the end of the orders of service funeral, it’s essential to provide practical information and express gratitude.

  1. Contact Information: Share contact details of the family or the person responsible for handling condolences, flowers, or donations. This can include names, addresses, or email addresses.

  2. Acknowledgments: Express gratitude to all who have supported the family during this difficult time, such as friends, healthcare providers, or the funeral home staff.


Creating an Order of Service for a funeral is a thoughtful and meaningful task that allows you to pay tribute to your loved one’s life while providing guidance and comfort to attendees. By following the structure outlined in this template, you can create a beautiful and personalized keepsake that honors the memory of the deceased and helps those in attendance navigate the funeral ceremony. Remember that this Order of Service is a reflection of the person’s life, so make it as unique and heartfelt as they were.


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