titanium tube fittings

by Maria Smith February 3, 2023

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What is pneumatic fittings?

A pneumatic fitting is a device that influences the characteristics of the flow in the system. It is a power system that follows a mechanized, automated, or machinery in motion. They are used and driven by making use of pressurized or compressed air. The pressurized gases that run this mechanism are delivered wherever they are required to a network of robust hoses, pipes, or flexible tubing. They help create a tight sealing to create a versatile leakproof sealing joint. The fittings today are used primarily ranging; from assembly to production line setups. It is seen in a wide type of industries which include; machinery, construction, gadgets, workbench equipment, etc.

titanium tube fittings

The fittings function well in pneumatic instrumentation and logic control systems. These pneumatic fittingsare a desired choice in lower pressure service compared to hydraulic fittings. Though they represent a small portion of the system, in reality, they are important along with all its elements. This is why knowing their correct conditions is important. In order to break this down, you need to identify key features, which include

  • Working environment- A pneumatic fitting should be designed to allow for a free flow of gas or air. The environmental conditions are critical to attaining optimum performance. Some of the key factors include operating temperature, contaminants, and physical space specification.
  • Air pressure or PSI spec- The equipment is rated at the operating pressure range based on different module types. Its pressure range is determined by how it will run and perform optimum performance. The right range helps allow it to operate properly in the environment.
  • Approvals- The fitting has to be installed based on industry safety standards. The item has to suit best practices and guidance that is suitable for different environments.
  • Fitting material- When selecting the best fitting for your requirements, you have to determine the type of material used in its conditions. The common material type is aluminum, stainless steel, brass, composites, etc. All of this is based on their properties, gas compatibility, reaction in different conditions, etc.
  • Tubing type- You also need to ensure the size of the module you will need. Further, you need to see whether you require a tube, pipe, or hose alongside it to create a strong connection.
  • Thread type- Thread size is determined by standards that include BSP, NPT, BSSPP, or other international standards. Their thread size is measured from the interior diameter of the conduit, which corresponds to a specific no of threads per inch.

They are all designed in a range of sizes and shapes, but they can also be customized to meet all your requirements. The fittings from India are one of the best with their quality and outstanding performance in reducing and harsh conditions.

Difference between tube fittings and pneumatic fittings

Tube fittings make use of a connector to create a strong connection, while pneumatics make use of pressurized liquids or gases. They can be differentiated based on certain characteristics that include:

  • Strength and maintenance– titanium tube fittings have superior strength and require lower maintenance. In comparison, the latter doesn’t perform well when it comes to these parameters.
  • Speed- Pneumatics are known for their optimum speed as the compressed air has a better flow rate than the other.
  • Hygiene and safety- When it comes to safety, pneumatics is not the best, as the pipes can swivel and cause damage. However, they are more hygienic and win over the other grade.

What are push to connect pneumatic fittings?

A push to connect pneumatic system is used to connect, push in or fit to create instant fitting. This allows them to be easily compressed or connected to create a quick joint. It allows it to help the air or water line to be attached. These fittings help in a similar way as regular compression to create a strong sealing joint. They use a resilient O-ring for sealing, and a grip ring is employed to hold the tube in place. It can be easily connected even when they are wet, and its joints are rotatable even after the completion of the connection. The major advantage that they have is they can be easily dismantled and re-used once they are assembled. They are of the highest quality and are unique in their way. Like most other fittings, they can be easily availed in different sizes and thread types. This gives them an edge across different industries.


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