IS 2062 pipe

by Maria Smith January 30, 2023

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What are IS 2062 pipe standards? (225)

IS 2062 is an Indian Standard structural steel specification that specifies the requirements for rolled mild steel products like bars, plates, and sections. It applies to welded and seamless structural steels used in general engineering and structural applications. This standard applies to the grades of Mild Steel IS 1079, IS 2062 and IS 8500 which are used for forming structural members in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, sections, grades, and finishes.

IS 2062 pipe standard outlines several properties including the chemical composition of carbon manganese steels such as composition and quality control of non-alloy or low alloy steel; maximum percentage of non-alloy or low alloy steel; yield point (tensile strength) requirements for varying grades; acceptable limits on swelling characteristics; melting process parameters; tolerances on wall thickness for different grade pipes; sampling tests to determine properties such as elongation, surface condition; physical inspection requirements for various types of coatings or lining systems and packaging requirements.

The primary focus of the standard is the manufacturing process from the beginning up to delivery. These standards include guidelines for production process design, fabrication, and construction activities along with methods of inspection such as welding processes, material selections, hardness testing techniques, etc., ensuring proper workmanship to get a superior quality finished product. These specifications also define all mechanical properties associated with each grade like tensile strength range and impact energy value.

IS 2062 pipe

What are the properties of IS 2062 steel? (165)

This is a popular grade of mild steel that is commonly used in the construction industry. It has a good balance between strength and ductility, making it an ideal material for use in structural applications such as beams, columns, and support structures. IS 2062 steel also has good weldability and formability, meaning it can be readily machined or fabricated into a wide range of components. In addition, it offers good fatigue resistance which makes it suitable for components that are subject to cyclic loading.

The composition of this steel is generally 0.2 percent carbon with a small amount of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon to improve mechanical properties. This alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance to both atmospheric conditions and mildly aggressive environments. With a tensile strength of around 510 N/mm2 and yield strength of up to 250 N/mm2, this material exhibits very good formability when cold-formed. Furthermore, it displays good impact energy when subjected to high temperatures or welding stress relief processes.

What is the hardness of EN19 pipe? (122)

The hardness of this pipe is an important factor to consider when choosing this material for any purpose. This steel alloy is well-known for its exceptional strength and hardening capabilities. EN19 pipe has a Rockwell C (HRc) rating of 37-44 which means it can easily withstand heavy loads, abrasive wear, and corrosion. Its chromium content also adds to its excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Due to the pipe’s high hardness level, machining them requires specialized cutting tools with good sharpness that are designed specifically for this purpose. Pre-heating the material before starting any operations can also help reduce strain and make the machining process smoother and more efficient. In addition, cold drawing can be used to increase hardness levels as needed for certain applications.

Can EN19 be welded? (159)

Yes, it can be welded. EN19 is a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel grade which makes it suitable for welding purposes. It is mostly used for applications such as gears, shafts, and high-tensile studs.

To properly weld it, preheating the workpiece before welding is recommended to minimize distortion during welding and achieve maximum strength after cooling. The temperature should be kept between 250°C to 325°C depending on the size of the part and other factors. For most parts requiring welding, an oxygen-acetylene gas mixture (90/10%) with a current of around 130A would be used with an E6013-type electrode rod or coated metal electrode. Depending on the requirements of the job, alternative electrodes can also be used as well as shielding gases.

The correct technique is essential in obtaining optimum results when welding the steel, which is why having an experienced welder working on the project can often make all the difference in achieving quality results that meet any necessary standards.

How is IS 2062 pipe import price calculated in Oman? (141)

The import price of this pipe in Oman is calculated based on various factors such as the source country, transport charges, handling charges, customs duty, and taxes. Depending on these elements, the final import cost can vary significantly. For instance, the import price will be lower if the source country is close to Oman as there would be lesser transportation and handling charges. On the other hand, a further away country would have higher shipping costs, thus increasing the total price of importing these pipes into Oman.

Additionally, different customs duties and taxes may also influence the total import cost. To ensure fair pricing for buyers, many dealers in Oman adhere to international market prices when selling their pipe imports. With careful analysis and consideration of all related costs, suppliers can determine the best possible import price for buyers in Oman.


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