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by user November 19, 2021

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Almost any one already has a computer. Yet does any one know enough about computer security? Too bad because some home-users don’t get enough know-hows to combat against identity theft, information rights, virus nuisance, spammers, hackers, and harassers in the virtual world. There are good computer security systems, but only those who can read them are internet servers, security administrators, knowledgeable IT’s, and other natural computer network geniuses – when any one could be a victim of a computer security breach.

Computer security books often thoroughly explore the defense mechanism of top computer information security systems. Among such are the Mac OS X Maximum Security System and the UNIX Internet Security.

The Mac OS X is known to feature a UNIX / BSD base. However the Mac OS X UNIX-Macintosh team up in computer security is comprehensible only to network owners/ administrators. Books about the Mac OS X detail important security information on operating remote access, firewalls, and IDS, on protecting airport wireless or traditional networking, as well as on other publicly accessible network services such as FTP and the www.

The series of Mac computer security systems have been updated and re-released for additional security features hence inherently more secure than many other operating systems. Nonetheless, the Mac security system demands more considerations to be kept in mind especially if the system is to be used as server or a network service. Also to care about is that there are yet some recent weaknesses that the system can be subject to.

There are many new security downsides that even the average Mac advocates have not been faced with in the past. Even so, supplementary book information that OS X server operators can have could expose them to the significant power and flexibility of the new Mac OS X. Only, servers have to have sufficient knowledge to maximize the security of an OS X; thus, you have to be an intermediate or advanced network security junkie – the same with “Practical” UNIX Internet Security.

The leading book written about the powers of the UNIX Internet Security has been hailed by reviewers as the “Bible for everything about Internet/ Computer Security” – so? The book has even reached a third edition complete with current scripts, checklists, tips, techniques and warnings for the security admin reader – so?

The book is also updated to reflect the changing industry of computer security including newer technologies like LDAP, Samba, and wireless units – so? Aspects of ‘physical security’, hacked system implications, and related legal issues on computer information security are also discussed.

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