Compression fittings

by Maria Smith February 3, 2023

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What are compression fittings?

A compression fitting is another old school version to quickly connect fittings. These Compression fittings compress a component of fitting into other to create a watertight seal between the lines. They provide a strong, tight, and reliable seal for several water treatment configurations. It is available in a variety of designs and sizes for a variety of hydraulic connection lines. Each of the fitting’s assemblies varies based on design specifications from one manufacturer to the other. 

Each fitting is designed in a variety of materials, with the most common being brass. The amount of pressure it can handle is simple to understand. They have three basic elements, like a nut or screw, ferrules, and compression fitting body. Its functioning principle is the same between design as the tubing is inserted and the ferrule is tightened into the body. As there is axial movement into the fitting’s body, the angled shape radially compresses one end of the ferrule to the outer diameter. The radial compression helps create a water tight seal fitting which also gives its name. The success of these fittings is based on a number of factors. The chief of this is the ferrule design, tubing selection, and installation procedure. The most common type are elbow, tee, Bulkhead Unionand coupler fitting. When you are selecting the fitting, it is important that they are compatible with the pipes to which they are attached.

What is a compression fitting used for?

Compressed fittings are employed to create a strong connection in plumbing and electrical conduit systems. It is utilized to join thin-walled pipes or two tubes together even for dissimilar material types. They are very straightforward to apply to create either permanent or temporary connections. It is great for pipes that are laid in confined spaces that would be otherwise difficult to solder without risk of fire. Simply, they offer a quick connection in the water line services.

The fittings are not only used for plumbing projects but they are also used in an array of applications. These devices are employed in gas installation systems and hydraulic equipment by different industrial engineers. Generally, they are well-suited for plumbing and engineering projects, and they are used in a variety of applications, especially in DIY projects. This includes sinks, shower units, etc, as they don’t require any soldering or heat to securely seal in place.

What are the disadvantages of using compression fittings?

A compression grade fitting is not as robust as a soldered joint which makes them more sensitive to powerful stress. They are less aesthetically pleasing and are bulkier than soldering material joints. It is not an ideal choice in applications where there is a requirement when exposed to lots of flexing, excessive vibration, bending, or tube movement. They cannot be reused once they are compressed in the system. Sometimes the type of connection can result in the deformation of the tube. If it needs to be redone again, then not the copper may need to be cut off, and a new ferrule requires to be used and later cleaned non-compressed. This is done to achieve a leakproof and sound connection.

Are compression fittings cheaper in India or China?

A compression fitting produced in China is cheaper due to its higher manufacturing capabilities. However, when somebody sees cheap, they rush to buy it without knowing what really is the value of the product. The items produced in the country are manufactured in such a hurry that they end up following important procedures. This goes from proper production procedure to post checking and tests. All this just so that they would be able to dump it into the markets at a throwaway price to create a monopoly over others. In their quest to eliminate competition, they miss out on key features that have a chance of compromising their integrity and reliability. If you are looking to install them in a critical application, then they are a recipe for disaster. Indian steel, on the other hand, may look expensive, but in reality, it is not. The fittings are produced following all standards and proper testing schemes. You also get access to check test reports or mill certificates to assure the product’s integrity. Apart from this, you can ask for custom designs that will meet all your project needs. And to top it all off, they have a good transportation chain that can transport anything within a short time. So, cheap is not always the best, and most times, quality prevails over others.


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